Emilie Moureau, founder of Be My Nounou, is a psychologist passionate about bilingualism – Graduate of bilingualism with children, former International Recruitment Officer and with her own experience of being an au pair in the United States.

For one year she was taking care of American children while teaching them French. An experience that enabled her to measure the importance of learning a language from an early age.

With this experience Be My Nounou was founded, a multilingual childcare agency in Paris to help French children learn a new language.

Be My Nounou offers parents all her expertise to select an English nanny worthy of the name. The Be My Nounou babysitters are mostly American, English, Swedish, Danish, English mother tongue or fully bilingual. Be My Nounou, who is the employer of every wonderful nanny, takes care of the recruitment and performs all the administrative procedures. Each parent participates in the choice of the nanny by meeting and validating the babysitter before any commitments.

By using 100% playful activities – nursery rhymes, manual activities, science and creative art – Be My Nounou also offers children a complete linguistic immersion that allows the acquisition of a new language in a natural way with contact and learning through a native or bilingual speaker.

« Availability, trust, tranquility, security, creativity, responsiveness and demand: these are the values ​​that give Be My Nounou its strength. « Explains Emilie Moureau, founder of Be My Nounou.

« The wonderful nannies must be selected in a strict and rigorous way: maintenance, control of references and professional skills, sense of responsibility, interests for children. The Be My Nounou babysitters must be able to accompany the children throughout their journey of discovering the new language »

The success of Be My Nounou lies in the professional accompaniment of the agency and the follow-up of its wonderful nannies. Indeed, each worker receives professional training to help them in their work:

✖︎ First Aid training provided by the French Red Cross

✖︎ Internal training focused on childcare in foreign languages: reminders of safety rules, advice on how to communicate and relevant language activities

✖︎ The Be My Nounou methodology is to learn a new language in a playful and interactive way