Welcome to Paris ! Here you are all excited to join the college or school of your dreams! To make your project a reality, all you need is housing.

The city of Paris is one of the 20 most expensive capitals in the world. But Paris is also the second best student city in the world with the following criteria: the price of studies, the ranking of universities and the attractiveness of employers. You might as well know that finding a place to live is sometimes the path of the fighter! Be My Nounou gives you 10 affordable ways to find a student accommodation in Paris.


Student accommodation

If you plan to find a student accommodation in Paris : 

– Flatsharing
This accommodation in Paris may be ideal if you are a sociable student. Many websites (La Carte des Colocs, Immo Jeune, Ma Coloc, Appartager) list vacancies and put you in touch with your future roommates. The best thing for you is to find a flat share corresponding to your profil: studious, offbeat schedules, party…

– Intergenerational cohabitation
Very economical, students are accommodated in exchange for services rendered to the person receiving them. Races and housework for example. Plus, this student housing solution in Paris allows to feel the family atmosphere while being far from your parents.

– Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris
Located in the 14th arrondissement, the Cité Internationale is made up of different houses: The United States Foundation, Canada House, Japan, etc. You will meet students from all over the world! You can apply for a room directly on the Cité Universitaire website.

– Boarding school
This solution does not come to your mind when you talk about student housing in Paris and yet this is very economical. If you are accepted in preparatory class or engineering school you can pay a room in the year. Breakfast and dinner are often included.

If you prefer to live alone:

– Furnished studio rental
Perfect if you do not want to be disturbed during your studies and keep intimacy. In Paris many scams persist so it is important to move to visit the apartment. In addition, you may be eligible for housing assistance (CAF). You can check for availabilities on,, or or on Facebook group such as Plan Appart Paris, Paris Location Appartment.

– Suburbs
For students who can not find cheap accommodation in Paris, there is the suburbs and often what we called « la grande couronne ». When you leave the capital, it becomes easier to have a studio with a small rent. In return, you must agree to travel two to four hours a day to attend classes in Paris universities.

– CROUS Room
Very popular in Paris, CROUS rooms offer the possibility of being housed in the heart of Paris. Applications are made on the CROUS website at the same time as the grant application. The maximum period of residence is 5 years and 3 years for foreigners.