March 29, 2019
student job

Babysitting in English: 5 advantages when you are a student

As a student, you certainly want to make some money so you can keep up with the student life’s rythme. But working every night or every weekend is a bit annoying… In addition, student jobs in supermarkets or fast food often don’t bring you great skills that you can put on your resume. But have you […]
March 29, 2019
babysitting job paris

5 reasons that make babysitting the best student job

Looking for a flexible job for your courses, cool and fun? Here are 5 reasons that make babysitting job the best student job. Considering the child’s behaviour as a professional management manual Babysitting job is the best job because as a babysitter, you are no stranger to the management of the high magnitude’s crisis, including howling, […]
February 27, 2019
surviving on a student budget in Paris

6 Ways to Maximize Your Student Budget in Paris

So you’re on your way to Paris for your Erasmus… you’ve read up on everything you’ll need to know  and your bags are packed. Despite what you might have been told, or even experienced, Paris doesn’t have to cost a bomb to be enjoyed. Students aren’t made of money, but there are a lot of ways […]
February 27, 2019
english speaking job paris

5 ways to get an English speaking job in Paris

Looking for an English job in Paris? Well, we’re experts there. Whether you’re doing your Erasmus year in Paris or moving here for good, here’s a list of great places to look for English speaking jobs in France, across several different industries.   1- Babysitting jobs in France for English speakers Using your language to find […]