FAQ Be My Nounou



How do I apply?

Please fill out the form online on our website !

Or send us an email at jobs@bemynounou.com and we will contact you very shortly.

What are the requirements to apply ?

  • to be over 18 years old
  • to be an English native speaker or bilingual
  • to hold a Visa to work in France
  • to love working with kids!

How many hours of work do you offer?

We are offering part-time positions : from 2 hours/week and up to 25 hours/week. Our flexibility allows us to find you a job fitting your schedule and constraints.


Where are the jobs located?

You will work at the parents & kids’ place.

Our families are located all over Paris and in the close suburbs. When we offer our positions, we take into consideration your living address as well as  your school address.


Do I have to speak French ?

No, speaking French is not a requirement to work with Be My Nounou.


What is the salary ?

Our salaries vary from 13€ to 20€ per hour brut (in gross).


How many kids or families can I work with?

You can take care of 1 kid and up to 3 kids at a time.

You can work with more than one family during the week, as long as everybody’s schedules are working together.


How old are the kids?

Our kids’ ages range from 3 years old and up to 12 years old.

You will only be taking care of ages you feel comfortable with.


What are the hours of work?

You will usually take care of the kids after school. In most of the French schools, kids are off around 4pm – 4 : 30pm.

We have position from 4 hours per week to 25 hours per week.


What type of Visa should I be holding to work with Be My Nounou?

You are from the EU or Switzerland : you do not need any visa to work in France. Only the european ID card or european Passport is required.

You are non-EU residents : you will be required to hold a valid Visa allowing you to work in France.

  1.  : visa étudiant, visa vacances-travail visa, carte de séjour temporaire, visa vie privée et familiale, carte de résident.
  2. . : student visa, working-holiday visa, temporary residence permit, private and family life visa, resident permit.


Do the kids speak English?

Our kids have different levels in English. You will be the one here to help them improve this level while having fun!


Will you provide any materials?

Be My Nounou will provide with a specific activity book each month to inspire you. Of course you are more than welcome to bring your own personal touch and creativity with the kids.


What about the school holidays?

Most of the time, you will not work during the school holidays as the kids will not go to school.

Still, some parents might ask you if you are available and you are welcome to work if so.

You will not receive a salary for the periods of time that you are not working.