What are the requirements for working in a babysitting agency located in France?

What are the requirements for working in a babysitting agency located in France?

Working as a babysitter through a childcare agency has a variety of benefits. 

Be My Nounou offers you the comfort of administrative and personalised support and an active HR team to answer your questions whenever in doubt. 

Overall, our agency acts as an intermediary between the babysitter and the family you are working with. Going through our babysitting agency guarantees a job that corresponds with your availability, location, and personal needs as a babysitter. 

Respectively, the agency is your employer and therefore pays you at the end of each month. However, there are certain conditions one must meet in order to work with Be My Nounou. The necessary criteria to work with our agency is stated down below:


Having a French Work Visa or a Student Visa to Create your Work Contract/ Eu Citizenship 

First and foremost, in order to create a work contract,it is necessary for you to acquire EU citizenship or a valid work Visa or Student Visa.

If you are not entitled to Eu citizenship, you must have a French work visa or a Student Visa to legally work or study in France. If you need such documentation, you must go to your closest OFII centre within three months of your arrival in France to access the necessary documentation.


Previous Experience in Childcare

Babysitting agencies generally require work experience within the field of child care. The more experienced you are the better, as this will reassure parents that you acquire certain skills to work with their children. 

In order to validate your application, most babysitting agencies require references from previous employers via email or phone. By providing references of your past experiences working with children, you are proving your ability to properly take care of a child. 


Clean Criminal Record

A clean criminal record is a mandatory requirement when working as a childminder. Recruiters within an agency will ask you for a police clearance certificate which is issued by the state. This will certify whether or not you are prohibited from working with children. 


You can use the following link: www.cjn.justice.gouv.fr to apply. 


After School Hours

This is not a mandatory criteria when searching for a child care job, however it may widen your opportunity of finding a job. Nonetheless, the majority of parents are looking for someone available from September (upcoming academic year 2022) to the end of June or July (end of school year 2023). 


The childminder’s role is to take care of the different activities that may take place after school hours, which usually occur within the late afternoon between 4:00 and 4:30 pm.


Fluency and Proficiency in a Language  


Depending on the babysitting agency you work with, they may require you to be fluent in a language. This is necessary as some parents may want you to teach the language you speak to the children throughout your work hours. 


A few agencies that offer child minding services in English or another foreign language, will ask you to be bilingual or at least at an advanced level within two different languages. In addition, for some families, French may be a required skill for the job. 



Being Creative


Creativity is one of the essential qualities when working as a babysitter. The goal is to keep the children busy and amused by stimulating their imagination through fun and innovative activities. 

Our agency provides a biannual activity booklet with manual activities, such as, cutting out pictures, coloring, cooking recipes, and vocabulary exercises so that you will never run out of ideas. 


Being Committed to Children’s Development


It is essential to have a keen interest in children’s development if you wish to work as a child carer. Although the person minding the child is chosen for their past experiences with child care, they are also selected due to their passion for working with children. 

As a result of this enthusiasm to work alongside children, the babysitter’s role is to provide a fun & active framework, by being imaginative, exchanging languages through memorable games and to uplift the child. Childminders should encourage the child to become aware of their own autonomy, as well as their capabilities and limits.

Be My Nounou wants to allow parents to trust and rely on the person minding their little ones whilst they are not available.


Does part-time work tailored to your availability sound tempting to you?Look no further, Be My Nounou offers a wide range of baby-sitting jobs to suit your location and availability. 


Be My Nounou is recruiting new candidates for the upcoming school year in 2022. 


Be My Nounou is recruiting new babysitters for the upcoming school year, commencing in September 2022. So, if you are an experienced babysitter and have a keen interest in working alongside children from 3 to 12 years old, then you are in just in time! 


Click here to apply directly online. Join us and become our new super nanny! 


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