September 27, 2018
checklist international student paris

Checklist before your arrival in Paris !

  1 – Administration As a student make sure that you have your administration documents: -ISIC the only international student card! It proofs your international student status. You have tons of discounts all over the world! The card cost 13 euros and it is available for any person in a full-time formation: high school, University, students […]
September 21, 2018
part time job paris

Find a cool job in Paris ! #INFUNWETRUST

Welcome to France !!! Be My Nounou help you with the best tips (resume, hobbies, interview) to find a part time jobs in Paris.  Tips 1: Make a French Resume Resume in France is concise and direct (One page maximum). Mention it if you are bilingual! Specially if you want to become an English nanny! Explain your […]