Part-Time English-Speaking jobs in Paris

Part-time english speaking jobs in Paris

Be My Nounou offers hundreds of jobs in Paris for English speakers (native or bilingual, all are welcomed!). We have the chance to work with the nicest families in Paris and close suburbs. 

Despite the fact that you already know how FUN our agency is, why you should choose to work with Be My Nounou ? Well, let us tell you why! 

Firstly, we teach English to children in their daily routines, the goal is to create an « English bubble » while taking care of them.  The goal is to use this time to teach English in a natural way through daily activities, playing with the kids, cookingevery activity should be a pretext to teach English while having fun! 

Babysitter job, nanny job : perfect english speaking job ! 

Babysitting is the perfect job to combine studies and money. Plus, its good training to become a mother or father 😜

Most importantly, play is an essential part of a childrens development, at Be My Nounou we truly value games and activities as the greatest way of learning a new language! 

So if you are part of our BAE (Babysitter Awesome and Enthusiastic), it is for your creativity and your curious personality, your ability to inspire children and offer them your ideas. But you may need a little help sometimes. The breakdowns of inspiration, the syndrome of the white sheet, it happens to everyone! Thats why the Be My Nounou team offers you an activity book and an activity box filled with gifts and ideas for childrens activities.

Above all, the goal is to communicate only in English with the children during the time of guard thanks to the material provided by the agency to help the children to learn the language of Shakespeare! And as we learn a new language faster by playing, get ready to have a lot of fun with your little French kids!


Good to know: In any case, you are not obliged to use the material provided by the agency, but it is appreciated by the parents. As a creative nounou, you can also add you own personal touch by submitting your ideas, games and activities that you may know or have already tried with other kids. 

How does it work?

Before your first day with the family, you will pick up an activity box at the agency for the children. It is especially designed to introduce you to the kids in a « friendly way » (with gifts, the first meeting passes more easily, do you not agree?) and facilitate the learning of a new language in a fun way. Youll find inside:

  • Fingers puppets
  • English cards game
  • English child booklet (made by the Be My Nounou team; songs, crafts activities, drawing…)
  • Bilingual flashcards book
  • and many other surprises!

In addition, we also provide to our nounous with a monthly thematic program of activities that allows our English-speaking nannies to propose activities and games during the childcare. 

Details of the activity booklet send once every two months to our team : 

  • Cooking recipes
  • Dance choreography
  • Thematic flashcards
  • Songs and rhymes
  • Scientific experiences
  • DIY arts and crafts
  • Stories and early literacy
  • Fun worksheet
  • Outdoor and indoor games
  • Dramatic play
  • Coloring pages
  • Printable accessories


Nanny job : How to use the activity book?

As a « nounou » for Be My Nounou, you arent teachers, but English babysitters tutors who adapt to the age, personality, hobbies and desires of each child.  Depending on the parentsrecommendations and childcare time, you can come up with one or more activities from the program that allow children to play while learning a new language. For short time babysitting, enjoy reading activities and quiet games. For long guards, you can start by making a cooking recipe or role-playing game. The guard is based on a fun and tailor-made immersion.


All activities developed by the team are designed to help children memorize vocabulary. Activities can be manual or sports, educational games or fun activities to encourage children to play while learning a new language with a native or bilingual speaker.

Depending on the age and autonomy of the child, you will have to supervise or assist with the execution of activities, while remaining at the childs disposal in case of questions or difficulties. 


When you are planning activities with children, it is important to remember to:

  • Interact with the children
  • Use repetition
  • Introduce new material
  • Be flexible
  • Allow breaks


Through games and activities of the booklet as well as by daily actions, the goal is for the children to learn a new language with her or his BAE (Babysitter Awesome and Enthusiastic). While having fun! 


What we offer: 

  • Babysitting position in a fun environment 
  • Part time jobs (5 to 25 hours per week) – tailormade working hours depending on your schedule and location (full-time jobs for babies are also available)
  • Attractive salary and benefits 
  • A nice experience in France that is great asset on your resume
  • Health Insurance that covers all your medical expenses
  • Immersion into French family life
  • No French required




We arrange meets-up (wine events, picnics, museum visits, etc.), help with roommate searches, hold workshops and much more! You will benefit from ongoing support, information and opportunities to meet other babysitters and teachers who work for Be My Nounou in Paris. Our friendly staff is always available to help you for any questions or comments. You can count on us !


Requirements to work with us

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are a native speaker or bilingual (English, Spanish, Japaneseor other foreign languages)
  • You have previous experience working with children
  • You are an EU citizen or holder of a relevant VISA to work in France (length; 4 months at least)
  • 3 references (previous manager or families, professors, etc.)
  • Clean criminal record


If you are looking for a babysitting job in Paris, our childcare agency is always recruiting English-speaking babysitters for school outings. The advantage of working with us is being part of a team of international, enthusiastic and committed babysitters who like to play and have fun.

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Be My Nounou offers English Speaking jobs in Paris, and in 18 cities in France!

That is to say, you can find the perfect match for you on our jobs listing. If you are interested to work with us, just click here and we will receive your application. The application process takes 3 minutes to complete! Once we will receive your application we will get back to you within 24 hours (working day).   We have an easy and efficient application process! Ready to start? Apply now.  

We offer english speaking jobs for Americans in France, jobs for brits in France, jobs for Canadians in France, Jobs for Australians in France and jobs for any English-speaking expats in France! We also recruit international student, gap year student, Erasmus exchange students…

Be My Nounou recruits and trains English native or bilingual speaking language tutors to babysit and teach English to French children in Paris and in 18 cities in France.

As a language tutor for Be My Nounou you get to be a part of a team of international, enthusiastic, and engaged babysitters that love to play and have fun.

Your mission is to spend time with children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old, after school and have fun with games and activities in your own language. The goal is for the children to learn a new language with our ‘nounou’s while having fun! At Be My Nounou we truly value games and activities as the greatest way of learning a new language! Every month we provide our lovely babysitters with a themed program of activities full of things to do with the children.

With our program of activity we also send out a challenge to our babysitters every month following the theme of the activity program. The challenge makes it possible for the babysitters to be creative with the children while winning a great prize (for example Disneyland Pass, Cinema Tickets, Tour Boat…).

Do you dream about France, Paris and moving to our beautiful country?

To sum up, do you like cheese, wine and the French old movies? If yes, it’s time to jump into your dream and to join our team. We have been lucky to help a lot of our team member to find a job with us and now they are enjoying their new life in France!

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