As a Babysitter : Your duties and responsibilities

As a Babysitter, your main mission is to ensure the well-being and safety of the children you are taking care of.

During your contract with our agency, you will work with the same family and you will take care of the same children (or several families, if your schedule allows it). The purpose is to establish a long-term relationship with the children and the family. Each member of our team chooses the family they feel the most comfortable to work with and who fits best with their requirements in terms of location, working hours, age of children ….


Your main duties as a Babysitter at Be My Nounou:

Transmission of your language : Speak in English to the kids! This is a very important part of your mission as it is the main reason you have been selected to join our team.

Parents want their children to be in ” immersion” with an English speaker! Admit it: it’s more fun to learn a language with you than with a teacher at school 😉

Transportation :  Insure children’s safety from school to their homes or extra-curricular activities (by bus, by metro or walking).

Homework  : Make sure the children do their homework and help them if necessary.

Preparing meals : The family may ask you to prepare a simple lunch for the children or to warm up what they have prepared.

Games : Have fun with children using board games, arts and crafts, stories, role playing, nursery rhymes …. Thanks to our program of activities, you will never be short of ideas!