5 reasons that make babysitting the best student job

5 reasons that make babysitting the best student job

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Looking for a flexible job for your courses, cool and fun? Here are 5 reasons that make babysitting job the best student job.

  1. Considering the child’s behaviour as a professional management manual

Babysitting job is the best job because as a babysitter, you are no stranger to the management of the high magnitude’s crisis, including howling, walking on the ground, and other unexplained whims.

But who can believe that the anger attacks of children can teach you as much about professional life?

The flood of children’s questions train you to a sales pitch, while storing the chaos of toddlers prepares you to manage a scattered team.


If you are looking to become a real estate developer, sales manager, or even insurance broker, negotiation is an undeniable quality to acquire. Quality very easily put into practice during mealtime.

If the children refuse to eat, then persuade them to eat 4 more spinach mouths to have ice cream for dessert. It is a bit extreme, but this “wild bargain” involves all the elements of a successful negotiation: you give a little and you win more in return.

You have to work to get what you need and what you want. Whether you are asking for a better salary, promotion or validation of your last project, negotiation skills are essential. And the rule is simple: to get you have to fight. Even with green vegetables.


If you want to work as a customer relationship, know that family mediation teaches you how to manage “business to customer” conflicts.

If you are babysitting in a family with several children, you will probably have to face the bickering between siblings. Because even a simple “he breathed in on me” can turn into a third world war.

The conflict’s solution is to separate the opposing parties, listen to the two versions of history, and establish a conciliation plan that leads both parties to a mutual understanding. You may not realize it right away, but fraternal rivalries give you the practical and necessary experience to effectively manage and resolve conflicts in your workplace.


  1. Being a part-time parent (with a cut-off date)

While you are still only in university, you have the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful jobs in the world: being a parent. Well, proxy parent. A Nanny. Being a nanny is the most effective way for realising whether or not parenthood is for you (and at the same time apologizing to your mom-dad for this teenage crisis).

Perfect ground to practice “parenting responsibilities”. And know that we learn a lot more about ourselves when we take care of other people’s children.


Saturdays nights and school holidays that you sacrifices to play the dad and mom will not be superfluous. You will probably be the most prepared for parenting. Babysitting teaches you to be responsible, to care for children and gives you a taste of parenting for a few hours. Being a baby sitter is like being a parent with an expiry date. You have all the advantages of parenthood without having offspring.


  1. Becoming a Responsible Young Adult

Working as a babysitter is like being your own boss who runs your own business (children) without the drawbacks of an open space. No office, no office hours, no office uniform. Comfort!


It allows you to set up your own work schedules. Whether for regular guards (school outings, Wednesday) or for occasional guards (parents who go out, school holidays), you will find many advantages to join a babysitting agency that offers you a customized babysitting’s job according to your hobbies, your journey and even the age of the children you prefer to take care of.

And there is satisfaction in obtaining such independence. You gain a form of autonomy which is not negligible. Especially when you take your first steps in adult life. A responsibility that turns out to be very useful when you’re a baby sitter.


Because there’s always so much to do when you’re childcare, you’ll soon find out how to prioritize tasks and balance responsibilities for success.

Taking several children out on an outing may be one of the best ways to improve your multi-task skills. You will become the MacGiver of child care. Multifunction wipes will have no more secrets for you.


  1. It’s keeping your child’s soul (the one you never lost)

Babysitting is getting a bank check at the end of the month because you’re having fun? Yeah. And to anyone who thinks that baby sitter is just playing with kids, know that this playful time is never wasted. If you want to apply for a full babysitter job online, you’ll get an answer within 24 hours.


And because children have an overflowing imagination, assisting them on their daily basis is living incredible adventures. Isn’t there something more beautiful than seeing the world through a child’s eyes? Make the park a pirate attack, make the bathroom an underwater exploration. It is the “kid comedy club” every day and for free. Don’t displease the 20-year-old (yes you there who read us).

By being a baby sitter, you can bring out the kid in you. Enjoy it because it’s probably the only acceptable time where you can compete for the best wooden platelet builder with a 5-year-old, barefoot, in his cabin that serves as his room.


But having a child’s soul isn’t enough to be a baby sitter. You must love children, endure their incessant questions (of which you also do not have the answer), and occupy them, especially to occupy them. You can quickly become a master of play, singing, drawing, reading and fun. And you can find fun entertaining kids.

This is an opportunity to reveal the artist 2.0 (never detected) in you. Because you knew that those thousands of Pinterest boards where you have “pin” these DIYs would serve you one day. Then you can really impress the parents while entertaining the kids. And at the same time fall back into childhood a few hours a day.


  1. It’s (to finish) growing up with the child you’re keeping

If you are probably already aware that you will bring a lot to the child, know that you can learn as much by his side. You are moving together in the same way.

Because sometimes you need to sit down and talk to a 3-year-old to understand the meaning of life. Your daily interactions with children expose you to big questions about yourself, who you are, what you want in life, and give you the confidence to pursue your goals.


Babysitting is one of those rewarding jobs that helps you to build self-confidence. Nothing is easier when you receive compliments throughout the day. Because it is well known, the truth comes out of children’s mouths. Even when you wear this awful jogging that serves as pajamas.


Frequenting children means living in a “non-judgement zone”: if you do something embarrassing, they will think that you have humour and that you are funny. They teach you to let go, to see life on the fun side. Life will seem much more manageable to you when you pretend that the white sidewalk lines are lava flows. Because why not?


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