5 tips to balance work, study and personal life

5 tips to balance work, study and personal life

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Work and studying in the same time can be exciting but it can be also a touchy subject. You really need to be organized and realistic about the time you need to spend studying and work. University can be difficult, and you will have a lot of work to do so know your priorities.  Keep in mind that you also need time for yourself.

  • Using a calendar to balance work and study

Use a calendar of deadlines of important dates such as exams, meetings or interviews. It helps to keep yourself on tracks.

In start of every semester plan with assignments and your work shift. Don’t hesitate to speak to your teachers. They can give you in advance days of exams.

  • Find a part-time job

Part-time job is always a good solution when you need to find a job beside your study! If you are looking for a part-time in Paris, you need to know that you will find most of the time boring jobs. Expect for one kind of job: babysitting or tutoring job.

Be My Nounou hires every year students from all over the world. You might be the next English babysitter! Who knows?  You can have time to study and have a social life. Be My Nounou offers you a good salary: 13 to 20€ an hour. Added to your salary, part of the Navigo Pass is reimbursed to you! We will be sure that your job works with your schedule.


  • Be organized and creative

Now that you have your calendar, set yourself realistic goals.

Use new 2.0 tools: calendar app, trello, wunderlist were you can do a list of everything (birthday, job ect..) and know that you are in Paris you can use “mapster” it’s a better version of google maps. You can make list about place that you like in Paris and share it to you friends. It’s a good way to find the right direction in this big city.

  • Maximize your time

 As you may notice you spend so many hours every day in public transports. Take your books or assignments in metro, bus or train. Another tips (if you can) avoid social media. It’s a huge time-killer. If you really need to spend time on social media use your calendar to see if you have a time.

  • Making time for yourself and your friends

University is probably the best years of your life. Enjoy time for yourself and your friends. It’s important to take small breaks. Go to the gym, take a walk or go to the swimming pool: physical exercise is an effective stress reliever.  During your break take time to do somethings that you like: cooking, drawing, reading but as we say avoid social media.

In conclusion, if you want to be happy in your life use those tips: Use a calendar, maximize your time, make time for yourself and your friends, be organize and creative and find a part- time job.

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