An English Babysitter for your children

An English Babysitter for your children


The English babysitter has the wind in its sails lately. More and more parents want their children to learn the basics of a second language at an early age. However, the English babysitter must have certain qualities to be able to keep children safe and to transmit his / her mother tongue in a fun way. The qualities associated with attitude The English babysitter must have a good attitude to accompany and take care of children (often small) in the most suitable way. Here are the selection criteria for Be My Nounou:

• Optimum knowledge of safety rules

• A good sense of communication with children

• Be able to adapt to the rules set by parents

• Patience

• The English babysitter must also be serious and responsible

• It must be able to give affection to children (very young applicants). What the babysitter must be able to do in the absence of parents An English babysitter must be able to perform a certain number of tasks independently, with the children, while respecting the safety rules:

• Seek or bring children to school or to their extra-curricular activities

• Give meals in the morning, at noon or in the evening

• Give the baths

• Stay alert at all times when children are playing

• Knowing how to tell a story and staging it

• Bring the children to the park and manage / monitor them in a public place The English babysitter will also need to know several games and activities that will allow the children to learn a new language – here English – in a playful and fun way. This is one of his most important missions as an English babysitter. For more information on Be My Nanny Child Care services in English, please contact us at 09 54 41 17 81.

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