Babysitting in English: 5 advantages when you are a student

Babysitting in English: 5 advantages when you are a student

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As a student, you certainly want to make some money so you can keep up with the student life’s rythme. But working every night or every weekend is a bit annoying… In addition, student jobs in supermarkets or fast food often don’t bring you great skills that you can put on your resume.

But have you already think about babysitting in English? Many are the advantages of doing this student job when you are a student. Discover them in this article!

  1. Improve your English:

The first advantage to babysitting in English is of course to speak English. In France, you don’t often get to speak English when you’re a student. However, knowing how to speak English has become essential to start a career in France or abroad.

Childcare in English is a very good way to progress in English. You will enrich your daily vocabulary, learn new expressions and progress verbally. In clear, enrich your CV!


  1. Discover a new culture:


In addition to quickly progress in English, you will be in touch with a new culture. In fact, you will live the daily lives of children who have grown up in another country and who therefore have other ways of living. As children, they will not adapt to your way of life. But you will have to adapt to their habits. This will allow you to gain an open-mindedness that you can usually acquire only when you work abroad.


  1. Flexible schedules:


One of the other advantages of babysitting in English is that the hours are quite flexible. In other words, you don’t have a set schedule every week. It can be difficult for some to manage.

But at least you can arrange your work schedules according to your activities and your personal life. A non-negligible benefit when you are a student is that you always have plenty to do from right to left!


  1. Get an attractive salary:


Childcare, especially in English, catch many students. Beyond flexible working hours, the main reason is due to the attractive salary offered by this student job. The job of babysitter is paid per hour. But the salary is generally well above the French SMIC.

So you don’t have to work 20 or 25 hours a week to get a decent pay at the end of the month. That’s good news, isn’t it?


  1. A fun job when you’re a student:


Most of the time, when you’re a student and you’re looking for a student job, it’s more about financial motivation than desire. We’re not going to lie to each other… Yet many students enjoy babysitting in English! So why not you too?


Indeed, a babysitter’s missions are diversified, and you won’t have time to be bored. Children are dynamic and need to be busy. After getting out of school it is snack time: unmissable meals for children. Then it is time for homework according to their age. And why not try a lesson in French? The evening starts with a board game or a cartoon. The evening continues with a board game or cartoon. Finally, you’ll understand, you’ll exercise missions pretty fun and not a headache!


So, ready to start babysitting in English? 😉 Apply now ! 



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