Babysitting Job in Paris with Be My Nounou

Babysitting Job in Paris with Be My Nounou

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When you are a student, it can be hard to fit in studying and a social life together but a job to make some extra cash is also important. There are jobs you can try that are not too stressful and also quite flexible. At Be My Nounou here in Paris, we’ve got just the job for you. We are a company who sets up babysitters with families who are looking for some extra help.

Babysitting is such an easy job that pretty much anyone can do. It’s fun, exciting, it brings new challenges and it might even be beneficial to your career if you are looking to take a job in childcare. The extra money you make from babysitting can be used on school supplies or even to enjoy yourself with friends. Although Be My Nounou are a company based in Paris, we are currently looking for English speakers in the country who are interested in babysitting.


When you play with the kids you are babysitting (aged anywhere from 3-12), you should be speaking to them in English because the goal is to help them learn a new language while they have fun. Looking after and also teaching children is going to give you a feeling of self-accomplishment.

If you are interested in working as a nanny in Paris, please get in touch with us now. We have a great reputation and we will get the entire process set up quickly so that you are ready to work as soon as possible.


Find a convenient babysitting job this year in Paris



Making extra cash as a student is always welcome and that is why you should look for jobs in Paris. There are many opportunities including babysitting.

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