Experience Authentic Family Life in Paris

Experience Authentic Family Life in Paris

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Do you love spending time with children? Do you want to experience Paris from a different perspective? Do you need some extra funds to make your student life here as memorable as possible? If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then you may just be the person we are looking for.


As a nanny at Be My Nounou, you can combine your studies with fun and fulfilling part time work. As a trusted agency with plenty of experience, we pride ourselves on uniting Parisian families with the perfect English-speaking babysitter, ensuring natural language development for French kids in a relaxed and familiar setting. Our students work with children between the ages of 3 and 12, offering support to parents with the daily routine, school pick ups and a range of other activities. Our aim is to create an inspiring environment based on fun and games, which nurtures the child’s language skills without the constraint of old fashioned books and schooling. By providing our Nounous with a themed programme each month, we guarantee a pleasurable and rewarding learning experience for everyone involved.


In return for your services, we offer a competitive salary and numerous benefits to help make your student life as stress free as possible, which include health insurance and public transportation. We also ensure total flexibility, allowing you to arrange your babysitting schedule around your studies. With the aid of our dedicated team, we can even provide assistance with finding a roommate or with any other issues that may come up during your time away from home. Joining our company will open up opportunities to make lifelong friends from across the world and enjoy a variety of fun activities together at our regular meet and greet events.

If you are a native English speaker or bilingual and meet all the other requirements, sign up with Be My Nounou today and make the first steps towards an unforgettable Parisian adventure!


Experience the joy of becoming a nanny at Be My Nounou!



Be My Nounou makes the perfect choice for English-speaking students seeking an extra income and a fulfilling role in the home of a French family.


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