How to find cheap holiday flights

How to find cheap holiday flights

how to find cheap flight

Christmas is coming, and you want to see your parents again? Find a flight during the holiday season is not easy. The flights are very expensive, and they are always full. We all know that if you are a student in Paris you do not have a lot of money. Here are some ideas to book cheap flights during the holidays.

Use flights search engine

Use flights search engine to find cheapest flights for Christmas!

Here a list of various websites:

-Google flights

According to “Skyscanner” the flights search engine, best time to book 2019 Christmas Flights for domestic flight and international flights is October (prices are 4% less than average).

Choose the cheapest flight in the month

if you do not have specific days to go on vacation or return to your country use the function on the flight comparator website “best flight in the month”. You will have a calendar with all the prices. In red the most expensive and green the cheapest. So, pick the days of the week and if you can avoid the weekends. Flights very early in the morning or very late at night are cheaper. Avoid flights around noon. You must be strategic.

Use Price Alerts

When you prepare to book your plane, use the “Price Alerts”. This will allow you to be aware of the lowest prices. This will avoid being constantly on your laptop and you can use this time to do something else like studying or going to work!

Book wisely your flight

Be careful before booking a flight. You must do a secret search. For example, uses the “private” google. Because if you do a search “public” the search engine will record your request and prices will increase. Be careful! It seems that you should never book the day. Avoid the evening. Everyone comes home from work, so there are more people on the internet and prices go up. Also avoid weekends.

The best to find cheapest holiday flights: book with a private search engine, night and weekdays. If you cannot do all three (we understand you) do at least the private search engine.


Don’t wait to book

If you are sure of your destination do not wait until the last moment. Tip: As soon as you have your work and course schedule buy the tickets. As you know, the more you wait, the more expensive the tickets will be and the less choice you will have.

Conclude: how to find cheap holiday flights

-Use flight comparator sites & always search “private”.

-Do not reserve your flights on weekends. Be strategic.

-Uses the “Price Alert” to have all the great deals.

-Don’t wait the last minute.

– Find a flight very early in the morning or late at night in the middle of the week.

-You can find a job to pay for your ticket.

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