How to get a job in Paris for English Speaker? 

How to get a job in Paris for English Speaker? 

how to get a job in paris

how to get a job in paris

Our tips to find a Student Job in Paris when you don’t speak French : 

It’s sometimes difficult to come alone in an unknow city. You come for your studies, for a gap year or even for adventure. Paris is a beautiful city nevertheless you must deal with a universal problem: MONEY.

Paris is one of the most expensive city in the world and to find a job in Paris looks like a wonderful idea. Paris offers lot of  jobs for English Speaker  !  You can still speak in English if you are not so familiar with French and you can learn the culture of your new country and the language at the same time !

Be My Nounou had some tips for you to find the perfect job:

✣ To find a job in Paris when you are an English Speaker you must have social network such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

☛Don’t forget to look on different jobboards !

🎓 Of course, if you’re a bit more “old fashion” your best allies are the University or School!

🍻Even when you are out at the Pub with your friends have a look on the board you can find some information about jobs.

🎉Participate at the events organize by us!

📝 Make a great resume (CV):  In France your Resume need to be clear and concise, one or two pages maximum. The two main types of “resume in France” is a chronological resume or a “functional resume”. For the translation ask to a French friend if you need some advices.


Why, according to Be My Nounou, the best job in Paris for English Speaker is to work as a Nanny?

-You can speak in your own language.

-You can have fun with the kids.

-You can discover a new culture with the family.

– If you have a part-time position you will have plenty of time to visit Paris, the museums …

-When you work with kids you always learn new stuff like outdoor activities, hand craft.


To be a great Babysitter you must be creative, open-minded and of course love spending time with kids !

Expand your mind through childcare, study and travel with Be My Nounou.

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