Jobs for english speakers in Paris

Jobs for english speakers in Paris

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Welcome to France!  If you read this, you are probably in the capital! Some rumors said that you can’t speak English in France and absolutely need to speak French. Well, In Paris it’s another story. You probably have been told France is bottom of the class for English!  But don’t be so sure, of course in France not everyone will be able to speak Shakespeare’s language but most of the time in Paris you will find someone who speaks English. Getting jobs for English speakers in Paris is not an impossible mission.

English speaker in France ? Don’t worry!

If you are a native English speaker, speak slowly. Remember that you are not in your country. French people will be delighted to help you, but you must understand that English is not their mother tongue. English is a very important language in today’s world and you are going to hear this language in many touristic places! Paris is a multi-cultural city with inhabitants form all over the world. You might meet people from Russia, Germany or China …

It is always good to know some French words:

♦ Bonjour – Hi 

♦ Au revoir – Good bye

♦ Je ne parle pas très bien Français – I don’t speak French very well.

♦ Excusez-moi – Sorry

♦ S’il vous plaît – Please

♦ A la prochaine – See you next time

♦ Ravi de faire votre connaissance – Nice to meet you

♦ If you are not comfortable speaking French, you must find jobs for English speakers in Paris.

What kind of jobs for English speakers in Paris?

If you need a job in Paris, you have plenty of choices.

The most popular job might be student job in human services. You have so many choices in France like babysitting, tutoring etc… we think that you should find something that fit for you!

If you want to have fun and speak in your own language, babysitting might be interesting! You can manage your schedule and you can decide how many hours you want to work! It’s perfect if you are a student and have a lot of activities to do in your free time.

Why do you need to choose a childcare agency in Paris? Well, if you quickly want to get a job in Paris an agency could be a great idea. First of all, you have the security to find a good family. Second of all, you can meet a lot of international students!

At Be My Nounou we like to organize some events so that you can meet other people. It’s the best way to make new friends and discover other culture. During these events, you can share some tips for the accommodation, the studies, for the baby-sitting like new activities or even new ideas of games.


Interview with our native English speaker babysitter.


We asked to Lenna how she gets a job for English speaker in Paris.

Hi, Lenna what are you doing in Paris?

Hi, I’m an exchange student. I study Literature and Art. I think Paris is the greatest city to do a gap year abroad. I like to travel, and I really enjoy meeting other people. It’s my first time by myself in a foreign country. But I already met a lot of international students.

Why did you want to get a job as an English babysitter?

Paris is expensive, and I really needed a Part-Time job. I always wanted to share my language and to be honest I just started learning French. I have previous experiences in babysitting jobs in my own country. So, I really needed to find a job in Paris for english speaker. I was thinking about Tutoring or Babysitting when I found Be My Nounou. I was surfing on the internet when I found Be My Nounou the childcare agency based in Paris. The website was attractive, and I decided to apply.

How to apply?

At Be My Nounou you have virtual and physical interviews and you will need to provide references. For your criminal record don’t be afraid it only takes one week or two.


How was you’re feeling about this Agency?

It was nice, the team gave me all the informations about their organization, their recruitment process and placement process. They spent time explaining all the processes step by step, which I appreciated! They are always available if I need some informations. They found me a position that fits with my schedule perfectly. 

What is the most beautiful memory with the kids?

Definitely, I would say when the kids smiled at me and said in English “you are the best babysitter, Lenna” I was so happy! Also, I really enjoy playing with them in English. They are so curious about everything.

And with the team?

My best memory with the team is for sure the latest event I went to last time. I met people from US, Canada, China, Mexico, Vietnam even Australia. I realized that I was in a wonderful International team and I felt so good. I received a lot of advices about Paris. I even found someone who studies in the same University as me!

What are your advices to someone who seeking jobs for English speakers in Paris?

Don’t be shy, if you don’t speak French it is not a problem! Look at me! I found a wonderful job in Paris ! Just make sure you know some basic words in French and go through Be My Nounou agency if you don’t want any trouble with a family. With this kind of job, you can be sure to meet people from all over the world and that’s amazing!


If like Lenna, you want to be part of our awesome team fill out the application form online or send it to:



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